Formers and Producing dimension ranges.

  Former types   Outer diameter ranges   Length ranges
  20B,7 units   8Ø~22Ø   Max 70mm
  22B,1 unit   16Ø~22Ø   Max 70mm
  25B,7units   22Ø~27Ø   Max 70mm
  33B,7 units   22Ø~38Ø   Max 130mm
  38B,1 unit   22Ø~40Ø   Max 130mm
  41B,2 units   26Ø~40Ø   Max 130mm
  45B,1 unit   38Ø~50Ø   Max 95mm
Production capacity

109,000pcs / per hour

335,000,000pcs / per year


Main using: Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel.
Extend choices: Aluminum alloy, Brass, Nickel alloy and Aerospace alloy.

Testing Sets

2.5D vision measuring system, Rockwell hardness testing set, Concentricity tester, Vernier Caliper, Go-nogo Gauge, Height Gauge, and Micrometer.